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If you currently make automatic withdrawals from your bank account to pay your utility bills, then you already understand the PAR principle. PAR, or Pre-Authorized Remittance, is a direct debit program that allows people to support their church through an automatic monthly withdrawal from their bank account.

Using PAR is a convenient way for you to continue to support our congregation, even when you can’t make it to a regular Sunday morning worship service.  Your offering ensures regular monthly giving to help our church’s ministry even when you are away. You will be providing our congregation with a dependable flow of contributions, which increases our overall financial stability.

Why not make the choice to participate in PAR now ….please see the attached application form.   

Please send your completed PAR application form to the church office, or mail to First United Church, Box 940, Hanna, AB, T0J 1P0.   Your continued regular givings supports the local ministries of our congregation, and we are truly grateful for any support you can provide in participating in PAR.  


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