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Sunday, May 24th, 2020

Seventh Sunday of Easter - the Ascension of Jesus 

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Sunday Scripture readings for today are as follows (click on the scripture to read it): 

Acts 1:6–14 The ascension of Jesus.  

Psalm 68:1–10, 32–35 (VU p. 787) God makes a home for the poor.  

1 Peter 4:12–14; 5:6–11 Cast your cares on God. Be alert.  

John 17:1–11 Jesus prays that his disciples “all may be one.”


To Ponder - Has there been a time when you have felt spiritually homeless and alone? How did you find spiritual grounding once again?


Minutes for MissionSearching for Peace in the Korean Peninsula

Our gifts for Mission & Service support partners working to unite North and South Korea peacefully.