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Sunday, June 14th, 2020

Second Sunday after Pentecost

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Sunday Scripture readings for today are as follows (click on the scripture to read it): 


Genesis 18:1–15, (21:1–7) Son promised to Abraham and Sarah.  

Psalm 116:1–2, 12–19 (VU p. 836) I called upon God in the face of death.  

Romans 5:1–8 Justified by faith.  

Matthew 9:35—10:8, (9–23) Jesus and the disciples preach and heal.


To Ponder - Hope is faith in action. Hope affirms that we believe not just in the existence of God but that God directly and personally cares for us. When things go well, this is a breeze, but things don’t always go well, and hope becomes more challenging. Where in your life do you need to reaffirm your belief that God cares for and loves you? Where do you need to lean into a divine silence and abide with God?


Minutes for Mission -  Second Chances

Our gifts for Mission & Service support Emmanuel House, a part of Stella’s Circle community ministry.