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Sunday, December 15th - 2019 

Third Sunday of Advent

Sunday Scripture readings for today are as follows (click on the scripture to read it):    

Isaiah 35:1–10 The desert blooms and rejoices.  

Psalm 146:5–10 (VU p. 868) God’s reign brings justice.

Luke 1:47–55 (VU pp. 898–899) Mary’s song of justice.  

James 5:7–10 Wait patiently for the coming of the Lord.  

Matthew 11:2–11 John’s disciples visit Jesus.


To Ponder - With whom do you identify most in the narrative of the birth of Jesus?  


Minutes for MissionMission & Service in Changing Times - Our gifts for Mission & Service continue to provide core funding to great work being done across Canada and around the world.