Joint Needs Assessment Survey

Joint Needs Assessment Survey

Dear Members & Friends of First United Church,  

The call of a new minister is a critical event in the life of a congregation.  As our active congregation becomes smaller, our volunteer base and donations of time and money continues to shrink as well.  Fewer young families and people are attending our church.  Without the financial support of the Centre Street Thrift store, and without more members, our sustainability as a church is at risk. It is now more important than ever to discern your gifts and the ways in which you would like to help your community of faith. How do you envision the life of Hanna First United Church in the future, and the needs for new ministry personnel in a church that has changed significantly as culture and community life varies dramatically from “the way things used to be”? To assist the members of the Joint Needs Assessment Committee in our search for a new minister, we need your input to help our committee determine the needs and priorities we have for our future ministry at First United Church.   

We have tried to make the survey easy to fill in and take as little time as possible.  We ask that each member in a family complete the survey questionnaire, as every person’s comments and views are important, regardless of their age, and completing the survey ensures that your views have been heard, giving us an understanding of how to move forward.  Your responses shall remain anonymous, so we ask that you be truly honest in your answers and comments.  It is important for everyone to participate, as the results of this survey questionnaire will help to form the future of your church in this community, so your thoughts and viewpoints need to be brought forth.  

Please fill out the following survey questionnaire and return it to the church office by Thursday, March 15th, 2018.

Thank you for your cooperation in filling out this survey questionnaire. We hope that in addition to assisting your church, you find this process helpful in reflecting upon your own faith, the meaning of your church experience and your hopes for our future.   Paper copies of this survey are available at the church office, or it can be downloaded from our website.   Completed surveys can be dropped off at the church during regular office hours (Tuesday to Thursday, 9 AM to 1 PM), mailed back to us at the church address, or emailed to   

Each family member can also choose to complete this survey online by going to the following Survey Monkey website to complete your survey:

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