Extreme Hunger Appeal

Extreme Hunger Appeal

Extreme hunger and starvation in Kenya, Nigeria, Somalia, South Sudan, and Yemen have reached grave levels. More than 20 million people are at risk for starvation, while millions more suffer from drought and food shortages.

The UN is calling this the largest humanitarian crisis since 1945.

United Church partners the World Council of Churches (WCC) and All Africa Conference of Churches (AACC) have this message for people of faith around the world: 

"More people face famine today than any time in modern history. We are not only called to respond to the needs of our sisters and brothers in dire situations in a compassionate, timely, and sufficient manner. We are also commanded to see the divine in those who are suffering and to appreciate their resilience, opinions, and solutions -- and to respect their dignity as we respond.  May our prayers invoke the grace of God, and mobilize people to bring about peace and an end to hunger and violence."  ... General Secretaries Olav Tveit (WCC0 and Andre Karamaga (AACC) 


  • PRAY for an end to global hunger.
  • DONATE to the United Church's Extreme Hunger Appeal at www.united-church.ca/hunger-appeal
  • ACT to address the climate change that affects farming in these regions 
  • SUPPORT political leaders seekign peace, the resolution of conflict, and just food systems.

Through the Canadian government’s Famine Relief Fund, all eligible donations to the United Church’s Extreme Hunger Appeal made from March 17 to June 30, 2017, will be matched, dollar for dollar, by the government.